Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tulips & Farms..

Yesterday we drove down to see the Tulips. Jeremy works down there and decided to to take us to Golden Glen Creamery to see how cheese was made. They had 3 goats that would follow us around. One tried eating Carter's hair, another tried eating our clothes. They where so fun! We stayed about 30 minutes. We then drove around looking at the fields then decided to stop off for Ice-cream at the local produce stand. We spent a good hour there. Carter LOVED his ice-cream.

Jeremy knew a farmer that had the Tulips right behind their farm so we parked there and went into the fields..that last all about 2o minutes. Just enough to snap a few pictures...the kids where very tired. We went right at milking time so the kids could see the cows being milked. Olivia is just like me when it comes to smells...we both had our noses plugged. :) We took the long way back home..enjoying our family time, talking and just being together...

I am paying for it today...that was a big day for was good for the spirit...just not the body..

So tired..she fell asleep with the straw in her mouth.

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