Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday's With Tiffiny

I'm thankful for...My hard working husband who does not complain about working in this weather. Who bundles up in 3 layers to deliver goods to farms. Who is always thinking if us everyday. He is one of the most unselfish guys I know. Thanks Baby!!

I'm listening to...Little bear and Carter attacking Olivia on the ground.

In the oven...

Maybe just maybe cupcakes!!

What's for dinner tonight....Soup...not sure what kind but I am perfecting all kinds of soups!! YuMMy!

What I'm looking forward to...Finishing up shopping...Have only went once..Yikes! finding a sitter for the kids seems to be impossible and I am picky so that combination is not good.

What's happening this week....

Here is to another week of this!!

I need to finish shopping and wrapping , yelling at my kids to pick-up, vegging out on the couch to the season finale of Biggest Loser, washing laundry, scrubbing toilets, removing permanent marker from something., windexing the bathroom mirror after some little princess has to kiss it with her chap stick out my van, washing the dog, mopping my floors, paying bills, going to the grocery store at least 2 times, pouting because nobody cleans up after themselves, telling every single person who live with me I am going on strike, fighting with my little ones to go to bed...wheeww...I am sure I could go on but i know you get the idea!

celebrating the birth of Jesus!!

I am missing...This week would have to be Cher...after 10 years and many talks along with ups and downs...I wish she would move back but I support you Cher!!

I would love to see what your Thursday's bring!!

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