Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

For years I was the only girl in the house...Matthew was small and Jeremy was on the road alot so when it cam to the tree I would dress it up in all garland, pink bows and crystals anything NOT manly...Then I decided to sell all that and do a kid friendly one...Gum drop garland and fun bulbs...this year I finally did what I wanted to do...I know it sounds kinda mean but I think the kids are going to get their own tree next for them to decorate.

I found ornaments for .99 cents at True value!! SO CUTE!!!

Notice the baby gate..I did purchase only ornaments that can't be swallowed...however if I want my tree to stay in the upright position with the lights and ornaments in the same spot the baby gate is a must!

and I am sure you couldn't miss the little model in the picture...Her new thing is to pose for me..we have come a long way from open mouth & shut eyes!!

2 ...Stalker Comments:


Looks beautiful! Very Country home furnishings! I love it!


We have 2 trees. The kids get a big one in the Family Room for all of their ornaments. When our oldest was born, we decided to buy each child a new ornament every year. Well ... we didn't plan to have 13 children. We now have 5 kids that have 20+ ornaments and 8 more kids with their varied amounts. So, you do the math ... we have a LOT of ornaments.

Then ... I get my cute "Country Home Furnishings" Christmas tree in the living room. :) I actually buy most of my kids ornaments there, also, but they get the cutesy ones and I get the country ones.

Christmas Blessings,

Laurel :)