Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Yippee Skippeee...I am doing the post on Thursday!! Whoo-hoo...okay, anyone else excited with me...It might be a boring weekly post to you but it is a huge accomplishment to me!

I'm thankful for...This computer..I mean really, It is like a slice of heaven every time I can sit down and re-group. Yes, I can spend way to much time on here but overall it is therapy when I feel Ike really calling it quits on this whole stay at home mommy thing..when I feel like saying Adios...runny noses, big messes, 6 loads of laundry daily but then I get on here and I can remember why I stay watch them grow, learn, develop, smile, laugh, clap, sing and dance. You might asks how the computer helps...well, for 10 minutes here or there I can read, study learn different things to do with them. Other times I can catch up with friends and leave with the feeling as if I just had a play date! So with that the computer can be a addicitng and minutes turn to hours however Balance my friends!!

I'm listening to...the garbage truck driving is quiet here right now...I like it!

In the oven...

I am saving my baking skills for this Sunday when I get to go my mom Timmers and bake with the girls..

What's for dinner tonight....Sausage something...I have to tell you that I bought 23 rolls of sausage last week!! amazing deal...2 Jimmy deans for 6.00..Buy 5 then take 5.00 off and then they had 1.00 off each roll coupons right above it...It was 10.00 off!! So we are learning that even spaghetti taste great with sausage! MMM..maybe biscuits and gravy for dinner!

What I'm looking forward to...Matthew's first Tuba performance and Olivia will perform in her first Christmas program on Sunday. She has been wearing her Christmas dress since finding out about it..even sleeping in it. My moms 50Th birthday party and baking!! Mikey is going to his first big formal dance!!

What's happening this week....
I need to finish shopping and wrapping , yelling at my kids to pick-up, vegging out on the couch to the season finale of Biggest Loser, washing laundry, scrubbing toilets, removing permanent marker from something., windexing the bathroom mirror after some little princess has to kiss it with her chap stick out my van, washing the dog, mopping my floors, paying bills, going to the grocery store at least 2 times, pouting because nobody cleans up after themselves, telling every single person who live with me I am going on strike, fighting with my little ones to go to bed...wheeww...I am sure I could go on but i know you get the idea!

I am missing...Matthew when he was little...I seem to go back to the days when it was just him and all the funny things he did and said. He is growing up and yes, I can do with out the attitude I don't want him to grow-up...I miss him..

I would love to see what your Thursday's bring!!

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