Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Pictures....

I am not a planner..nope, I can't plan a darn thing and if I do there is always a "mistake" or a detail over looked..This year I decided to buy cute Christmas pajamas for the kids..that way when we all got up and gathered as a loving, non-grumpy early morning risers we would be sporting cute clothes...I made sure I had batteries for the camera and was super excited to show off our morning with you.

You will notice that there is not going to be any pictures of the " Walton's " Christmas...Olivia decided the pajamas I got her where not as cool as the ones my mom got her and carter had puked all over his non-Christmas pajamas that morning and during the chaos I misplaced his Christmas ones ( I found them folded nicely by his stocking Christmas Morning!) so he was in different ones then originally planned.

I know you are thinking that I should of put pictures up here because you don't really care what my family looks like...but trust me they are for our photo album and not to be shared with the blogging world. They are memories to be reminisced by us maybe 20 years down the road...

So, yes we had a GREAT Christmas..celebrating Jesus birthday...and being together all day for the last few days...SNOW GO AWAY!!

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