Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thing you will hear in our house

I don't want to smell your fingers..Mikey to Matthew

I am making a sign that more timeouts.. Olivia to mom

I am not going to buy you are barbie because you just bit my finger ..Matthew to Olivia

I just smacked him...Olivia to mom about Carter

smell this mom...MATTHEW THAT IS GROSS!! mom/Matthew

I am running for President of this house..Olivia to all

I not like Christmas, I not like Santa I like Jesus sleeping on the hay..Olivia

Do not tape your eyes to Olivia

Do not turn the shower on with Carter in to Olivia

If you make a mes one more time I will call Santa...I can do it mommy for

Olivia, if you bite Matthew one more time I will bite you...But, dad..Mikey needs to be spanked he ate chips downstairs!! Dad/Olivia

Do NOT bury your sister in the snow with the snow shovel!! mom to Matthew

There is a ton more but you get the idea...It is a wonderful life....

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