Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is this my life?

I think this is the worst season for stay at home moms...the weather sucks, your kids are whiny, demanding, bored and all round everywhere in the house...or maybe that is just my children..my 3 year old to put it bluntly.

That child can go from room to room messing up anything and everything. Today she was just lucky all of her masterpieces on my walls and fireplace where with washable markers or I think I would of________you can fill in the blank.

She then took out every single item of clothing that I just folded and put away nicely when I cleaned her room and drawers last week. She was packing to go to Kayleigh's house and when I told her she had better march her bare bum back to that room and find a pair of panties and stay out of her drawers,she slammed her door crying. after about 3 minutes I went in and found her taking all her clothes she had just pulled out to try and clean up her pee mess! URGHHHH...

Now, I can hear Carter in the living room so I go to check on him and what do I find a whole package of wiped emptied. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? It has only been less then 5 minutes!

I loaded up the kids 3 times to day to do errands and then had to deal with a terrified Carter as we went through the car wash. Poor kid. When I got home Olivia had insited she wanted to pee outside and I was not going for it. Carter had made his way to the deck and I lifted him like a football while trying to lift Olivia into the house crying that she had to pee outside. Carter started crying and then I start crying.

So , I go outside for a minute with tears in my eyes wondering how I am going to survive this! Maybe I am bored? Maybe it is time to try McDonald's with the kids or jump around fun zone. I have no idea but I am scrapping the bottom of an extremely empty soul.

Is this really my life? Is it always going to be chaotic? Messy? fun? NEVER SIMPLE? Is it? I have no idea but I do know that I am not the only mom out there who feels like this. I look around and all you other moms have it so pulled together. HOW!?

My solution to all this whining from me!? I will be at McDonald's tomorrow...don't know if I will pull it off but I will try :0) if you see me lugging one like a football and trying to carry the other then you know its me!

I am off to bed....

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I am so there with ya sista! I think I have cried every day for three days straight, and my poor kids, though they are driving me crazy,...I hope I have not done any permanent damage as monster mom. We will get through this and I am determined to make this Christmas fun, and special for them AND me too. (is that possible?)I sure hope things turn around when Mike gets back into town.


I had to stay home with a sick boy for 4 days in a row, and was never so happy to dress to go to work this morning!! I call going to work a vacation. Being a stay at home mom is the hardest job out there. I tried it for two years, and ended up going back to work for my sanity. I commend you for continueing to do it day in and day out. You should be proud of yourself:)

The Erdmann Family

And why does this sound like a day at my house? The markers, the wipes, the emptied drawers....yeah I don't know how you do it everyday.


Oh Tiffiny! I LOVE reading your blog! I'm glad I'm not the only one! I want another baby someday but most days lately I think "why would I want to add to this chaos?!", and I only have 2! Some days can be so hard, but I think that you guys do an AMAZING job!


I think you and I should have a coffee date.

You are NOT the only one who has tough days.

:) :) :)