Friday, December 5, 2008

Maybe I should change it to Friday's Thread....

Considering I am one day late again this week with the Thursday Thread maybe I should just do it any day of the week! Maybe you don't really care if I do It at all...But here is to my faithful blog readers who visit my sight everyday in opes I can give them something to read...

I'm thankful for....The beautiful last 2 days with no gave us a chance to do a bit of yard clean up...I am thankful my icicle lights finally quit working
after 7 years so I could go and get my red & white bulb lights...I am thankful that we made it through the week with no calls to 911..I am thankful for Matthew's conference..He is such a good kid!!

I'm listening to...The backyardigians...Stomp..stomp..doing the Yeti stomp...all you moms should know that song!

In the oven...
If you guessed nothing...YOUR THE WINNER!!

What's for dinner tonight....We are going out for a Christmas Party...YUUMMOOO!!

What I'm looking forward to...The look on babies faces Christmas Morning...

What's happening this week....Olivia's 3 year pictures from Amber...finish up Shopping..just a few things left.

I am missing...Sleep...and my husband..He is working so much..14 hour days. I hate that he is gone all the time. I miss him. I miss his helping hands, his laughter and his big night time talks about our life....Oh, I miss him.

Love to hear baout your week...Just copy this and let us know how your week is going!!

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