Monday, September 21, 2009

When you count on something...

and you it doesn't pull though the way you had planned it can be defeating. What is more defeating is when it is your child that suffers. Carters Upper GI didn't work out so well today. We arrived on time to the procedure. It took 45 minutes to be brought back to the room and another 10 to be changed and put on the table with 6 Velcro straps around his body to hold him still. when dealing with a HUNGRY 20 month old you only have a small window of time before he gets scared , confused and worried. Once he was strapped the doctor could not find her apron....Long story short we could not get him to drink the chalky mix no matter how many puppet shows we did or songs I sang.

I did fine through out the process but when I realized that we would no answers to his medical problems I cried. I am over it. So over it.

feeling defeated.

They may need to knock him out...put a camera down his throat. I will keep you updated.

Here are some posts to fill you in....He can't keep solids is undigested even after 36 hours and he will vomit most days. I have him on milk all day and we do give him food. He is always hungry. Poor guy. He knows when he will throw up and will run to the sink or toilet although he misses quite a bit of the time. We have ruled out Celiac and food allergies and Pyloric stynosis.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts...
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