Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I am bit "off" today...not like in I quit taking my mediation but just off...out of sorts. I think that the pain in my legs is catching up to my busy life. I can't seem to concentrate on projects. Often feeling like a "mommy failure" I know it just me. I am trying not to feel sorry for myself. I just want to go away....with my DH of course.
I heard a thing yesterday that couples should use the 36 x 6 method for a healthy Marriage. Go away every 6 weeks for 36 hours. I think that is a wonderful plan! We might have to implement that.

I'm thankful for: My vacuum cleaner...I love this "tool" I bought a Kirby and last year I found an amazing deal on a Dyson. Aww...Simple things

What's for dinner tonight:

Crock pot is loaded!

Missing: My DH...He is working alot...Not complaining...Just missing him

What I need:

A GOOD massage, a personal shopper, and a pedicure...Yes, I am a bit selfish this week.

Sorry it such a short post...I am having Bunko here tomorrow...Fall decorations are out..floors to be mopped and bathroom to be cleaned oh, and I do have 4 kids.

What does your Thursday bring???

Comment me so I can read your Thursday Post!!

oh...and did you VOTE???? Show me...I mean my kids the LOVE

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