Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Miss America fashion

Last Night I had the boys blow up some princess balloons to put in Miss America's room for her birthday. We went down stairs to get them after everyone was asleep and we could not find them.
Jeremy woke up Mikey who said he did not know where the balloons went and he told Matthew that if he hid them and we woke him up looking for them he was going to punch Matthew. So after Mikey we made our way to Matthew. We woke him up by flipping on the light ( we where going to yell" fire" but that wouldn't be smart) and shaking him ( no not shaken teenager syndrome) We asked him where he put them and the only thing he could say was " you know in the thing that turns for 80 minutes? What?It was so comical! He was SOOO tired. I was like the dryer?? he didn't answer. Yes we found 8 balloons in the dryer.

This morning Miss America woke up a bit grumpy. She came out of her room around 6:30 ( very early for her) I was in the living room and I wished her Happy Birthday. She looked at me...and said "NO wishing her anything" I asked her if she saw her Balloons....her response?? YES! but I not like them in the morning. Maybe another morning just not today...
Me: Well Okay then. Life is rough for you but you need to talk nice and have a good heart.

Miss America: Not today.

Me: why Honey?

Miss America: I am just sad. I am not liking today and if I pray for a better day it better happen.

Me: okay.

Miss America: I love you mom.
and just like that her mood changed. What will PMS do to her?? Do we dare find out?

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