Monday, September 28, 2009

been here before...

I can smell Fall...I love fall, well I used to Love Fall. The house is all decorated, including the huge blow up ghost family in the front yard. I planted 10 mums in the front and bought a few more Fall decorations (at 2nd chance of course) for the house.

My son turns 13 this week. Hokey Pete...I think I am going to cry just thinking of that.

My birthday is coming and costumes for Halloween are just about finished. Looking for the perfect costume for Miss America. Maybe a sash that reads Miss America.

Matthew's football game is this week.

I have been here before...Fall means No sun and no sun means blah days. I don't really think I want to be here. I think I want to move to the sun. My body hurts my kids use my bed as a trampoline, my dogs tries to come in the house, the bathroom has become the source of who can unroll the toilet paper the fastest, the very organized toy totes now look like Toys "R" us has thrown up in my living room, I want to watch TV because if I hear the theme song to Arthur one more time today ,I might hurt someone.

Tomorrow I will start a cleaning schedule and I meal plan. I am also looking at recipes to do batch cooking. I need to plan my month so the Blah's don't over take my life.

Fall only looks good inside my house....and in Vermont.

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Snow Mommy

When you get it all clean, we could do a Scentsy party and make it smell like fall....toasted caramel sugar, honey pear cider, cranberry spice.....mmmmmm.

The Mulders

I feel ya on this one too Tiffany. Not that I can kids throwing things everywhere but the blah fall days and needing to get organized with a schedule and meals. If you have any good recipes let me know. I want to start this batch cooking thing too and put things into the freezer soon. Thanks - Kari


My hands and nose were cold all day yesterday. Oh I do love the fall but hate what comes after it. My Seasonal affective disorder it knocking on my door but I am trying to lock it out!


Get a tanning membership. It might help with those blahs...its cheaper than paying a counselor when you feel like freaking out on your kids!