Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We all think our kids are the cutest. I know we all do. we love the chubby cheeks, squishy hands, funny personalities....

Today..I did find that my kids are pretty darn cute. Cute enough to enter the GAP casting call for 2009.

Here is what I need from you.....

PLEASE, I beg of you...okay, not begging yet but vote for them each day. Winning is based on 2 things...one being fan votes and the other by Gap. I am striving for the fan votes. I know you all just LOVE me...Hey if your vote is the winning vote I will buy you some super cute clothes.....Promise. ( with my GAP gift card)

Most of you log into facebook everyday so I know you can vote everyday!

Here is Miss America's Link........ Click Here to Vote for her

Vote for Carter John by click here ( number 4 is my FAV!)

yeah..I might just be on Toddlers and Tiaras next.

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