Friday, September 4, 2009

forever a to-do list.

If you seen my to-do list you will know why I am sitting here on a perfectly sunny Friday afternoon avoiding the damn list. Yes, I just said a naughty word. Could have been worse but since I am writing this for the world to see I should keep it PG or at least PG-13.

Feeling a little out of sorts. Routine came and smacked me upside the head. I forgot how much I loved summer, although I was craving the back to school routine. I am a woman so I my emotions are going to be across the board. Happy that school starts. Sad summer is over. Happy that bedtime is 7pm again. Sad they wake up at 6:30am. Happy to make dinner again without sweating in the kitchen.

I signed 12 documents. Sent another 84.00 to the school for fee's. Yuk.

I think the schools need a system where we can deposit 30.00 a month every month and when they need something they can just take it from there.

How can children lose a reversible with their name on it...knowing full well it needs to be worn for 4 years. There's another 25.00. Jeremy made them pay for it. I don't blame him. But when they have no money who does it really come from??

Carter's testing has added a few more appointments to my planner. I am thankful he gets in right away. They are doing 10 test on his blood work. There are 3 major things they are checking for
Celiac Disease,liver issues and anemia He has an upper GI scheduled next week along with another blood draw today. He hates them. He told the nurse to "stop! Don't and NO!" Yesterday as he was sobbing. I was crying too....

4 dentist appointment, 3 doctor's appointments and 3 eye appointments. 2 birthday's to plan. Family pictures ( HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!) that is stressing me out.

A concert to attend! I am SOOO excited for this. and an overnight Bunko trip.

MOPS meeting start ( so thrilled!)

Adventure club ( for all you attending NCCTK we need help!)

Dream School (my first year, Jeremy's 2nd year)

Last night ALL kids in bed by and dad by 8:55......

and I still need a nap. Well, know that I have vented ,time to pull it together and get going! I believe a 20 ounce mocha mint is calling my name!

Have a great weekend!

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