Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Found some time

Kids are in bed and I am just about ready to start mopping. I want to finish before the Season Finale of Big Brother starts. Yes, I am a die hard Big Brother fan. I would so go in the Big Brother House! I think a Big Brother of just Moms would make for a juicy season. You know the season of "my kids cuter then yours?? and I lost all my baby weight before you" drama. Yes, I would go on it. Maybe I should Email CBS with the idea.

Carter has his appointment on Monday. I am actually excited to get to the bottom of this. Last night sent me over the edge. Cleaning up puke at 2am and showering a 1 year old is not fun. I feel so bad for him everyday. I am VERY patient with him and cleaning up after him but last night after it was all done I crawled into bed and cried. I cried till I could not cry anymore. I was asking God on top of everything with my health why is this happening?? I think the combination of my news last week from the doctor , informing me that I need a 4th surgery and Carter health. One 3 year old wanting to do arts and crafts and baking everyday, 12 year old who wants and needs me ( I am SOO THANKFUL for this) and a 16 year old you must keep on track and a DH (dear husband) who works 2 jobs and wants me as his "happy, nothings wrong, I have it handled" wife. I awoke this morning with a renewed spirit and strength to preserve. It is what it is. :)

Jeremy's house calls ( fixing Grandfather clocks) have been keeping him busy! This is a such a BLESSING! I miss him but building a business to one day support us or retire is rewarding. I have to say there are only 3 people in the county who repair clocks and watches and many of them are older. I get a kick out of the customers who call and when they hear we have kids always Chuckle because they think he is an "older gentleman" not a 35 year old with 7 years experience.

Miss America turns 4 on Thursday. That is whole different post. Princess and parties!

Matthew is doing good is school. Better then last year and is Excited for his first football game next week. He is working hard. His grades are excellent and socially all is so far so good. He informed me today that he saving for truck. 3 more years till he drives

Mikey is looking for work and is doing very WELL in school. He received a B on his math test today. That my friends is HUGE!

So here it is the story of my life, I am thankful I found the time.

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The Kingsborough Queen

LOVE the big brother idea! so sorry about carter...its awful just when they have the common cold or flu...can't imagine how hard this has been. you are doing great. hope they can get to the bottom of it soon for everyones sake. =)