Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Costco

Dear Costco,

I am a firm believer in shopping at stores with concrete floors. I enjoy your deals and can feed my family, clothe my family and buy unnecessary items totaling at least 200.00 or more each shopping trip.

I don't mind pushing my 2 seater cart ( who ever invented the 2 seater carts should get inventor of the decade award) weighing 200 hundred pounds through each isle. I am the mom who purchases 8 gallons of milk, 1 case of wipes , 1 case of diapers, 1 heavy laundry soap among other heavy items along with 80 pounds of children.

If I flat tire another customer it is because you ( Costco) choose to put out your free sample carts in the stupidest places. Do you really need 4 tables in one isle??? Why is it you must make enough samples for people to jokingly eat lunch for free when shopping at your store? Have you not seen the cart traffic jam your creating? I mean really for 1.50 you can stand in the longest line ever and order a famous Costco polish dog and a drink.

Let's talk about your parking lot....Why can't you buy the restaurant knock it down and build a shuttle tram to get you to the front door?? I mean seriously, the engineer who designed your store needs to re-think the flow of traffic. What about creating a job that would entail having a traffic flagger to keep people from getting hit, cars flipping off other cars, and other road rage attitudes.

Why do you open at 10? Why not 8am? Why are you about the only retail store in America with such odd hours? Ever think your losing Money due to the fact people hate your parking lot? Hours and people breathing other people space.

And people...seriously, we can NOT leave the store till they draw a smiley face on your receipt so why all the huffing and puffing behind me??? I can't go any faster unless you want me to blow by them and get chased out to my van.

The returns are a whole different story. I love the return policy but I have witnessed a couple returning an expensive play set due the fact they lost their home and they could not fit the play yard in a storage unit. WTH?? I asked to purchase it and I was told no , they had to throw it away. I have heard of people waiting for 4 years to return items and then purchase new and continue the cycle, making up lame excuses on why they are returning the items. Wrong. Just wrong.

I will see you next payday.....Valium and a Quad mocha ready to brave your store.