Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

2 weeks since you faithful readers have read a Thursday's with Tiffiny post and to tell you the truth I almost forgot to do it today...weeks are flying by! CRAZY!

I am thankful for:

Today I crossed paths with a young women who has a 9 month old baby who needed a bed to call his own. They moved from shelter to a motel and now to their first place. The baby has been sleeping on the couch. How sad. I am delivering a case of diapers tomorrow and a playpen. They have nothing. I have gathered a few things for the baby boy , how could I not?? When she asked if I wanted any money for the stuff ( she was willing to pay me 5.00 a week) My only reply was to pay it forward when she could.

There is not enough room to put everything I am thankful for. My kids bedding does not match , I don't have cute storage bins for their toys. But, they are blessed enough to have blankets and a bed. I have a messy house that is loud that means have a home and 4 vocal children. I have dishes in the sink, that means I have food to eat. I have dirty clothes that means we have clothes to wear. You see what I am saying? We have so much, we really do. We want the cute fun stuff but do we ever really need for anything???

I am listening to:

Nascar. Have I mentioned before I detest Nascar season???

I am looking forward to:

A girls camping trip, 2 family vacations. the Kids getting their pictures done (FINALLY!) And Matthew coming home after being gone 7 days to camp.

I am Missing;

I was missing my keys for a week. I blamed Carter but Guess who took them from carter and put them in a safe place and forgot she id?? yes sireee bob, that would be me. I am missing Matthew he is at Boy Scout camp wearing the newly purchased Boy Scout shirt. I miss his smiles his funny jokes but I don't miss him torturing Miss America.

What Does Your Week Bring??

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J5 Farms

Does she need a diaper pail. I have a diaper genie with three refills. I don't need it anymore because I use cloth. Let me know and I could drop it at your place.