Monday, July 20, 2009

not MY child Monday

I used to do Not me Monday's but It got a little repetitive. I am a slacker mom. I am busy mom surviving each moment to the next.
As usual, this was created by MckMama, who is fabulous and her blog can be found HERE.
Miss America did not squirt Suntan oil in her brothers hair and I certainly did not bathe him but instead chalked up taking a swim in the pool a sufficient way to bathe him and I did NOT let Miss America sleep in her famous Easter dress and wear it again the next day.
I did not let Miss America have the same hair style for 3 days finally re-doing it just so I did NOT look like a super mom.
I did NOT clean Mr. Know it all's bedroom and during the process I did NOT yell at him 100 times on how piggish he was. I did NOT proceed to haul 5 bags of donations and 4 bags of garbage out.
I did NOT sneak 4 more things into the dump pile when my husband wasn't looking.
My child DID not drink a curdled milk cup and at that time I did NOT remove 5 cups from the bedroom under the mount of toys.
I did NOT pull the van over and reach back to grab a certain little girls leg just to get her attention I was Serious about her whining.
I did NOT lay down on the floor and throw a fit next to the child that was NOT throwing a fit.
I did NOT dump water in a little boys face so he would learn to quit screaming, I did NOT feel bad...then I did NOT give him juice in his bottle.
During one of Mr. Littlesthrowing up episodes I did NOT just clean him up with 100 baby wipes and put him back to bed instead of giving him a real bath
I did NOT look at my children's toe nails and realize it had been FOREVER since I clipped them.
I did NOT forget to feed my dog for 2 days while his caretaker was camping with his dad.
My child did NOT try and plan to sneak out and I did NOT interupt the plans.
Wow, It has been along time since I did a NOT me anything...What did you NOT do???

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