Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jack Butt

Okay, so I make no excuses for such bad behavior. I try at all times to be a role model for my children. Its rough. I am not perfect ( when people tell you I am just smile and nod, agreed?)

Seriously, I look at every moment as a teaching moment. Just ask my know it all son, he will tell you everything he knows (and it is EVERYTHING) came from a teaching moment.

Here are a few examples

* ALWAYS hold the door open for people, elderly a MUST. Say thank you when the door is held open for you.

* Leave a good tip when service is good.

* write sorry letters when you SCREW up big time.

* write thank yous or personally call the gift giver ( we have missed a few, sorry)

* Let the customer with 3 things go before you in line.

* do EVERYTHING without expecting NOTHING.

* Pregnant women need a special accommodations.

* Open the door for your date and your future wife.

Here i s what we wish we didn't teach them....

Impatient angry driving.....

Yes, I had a not so good teaching moment today. WTH Jack***??? did NOT fly right out of my mouth.

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HAHAHAHA!!! That's like when Jennie comes around the corner saying "damm dog!" HHhhmmm...wonder where she heard that one?