Thursday, July 9, 2009

and may the best realtor win

As Many of you know My AWESOME in-laws are Realtors here in town. I could brag about them all day but I won't because telling all of my millions of readers ( HA! ) that they have earned Realtor of the year awards along with other countless awards and even in this market are selling houses would be just be a shameless plug. I would never broadcast on how professional they are. Nope, Not me.

Anyways, Matthew and I were driving to a Friends house and noticed that Grammy had signs along the road. Matthew , since he was a about 3 would point out the signs very proudly like he could read the names on the posts. He just noticed the Windermere Logo and at that age could not read and now he knows how to read (good thing) So we are driving and see her signs ( about 3 of them) then get to a driveway where we see mom and dad both have signs facing each other. Matthew starts laughing thinking they are in competition with each other. He asks me if I wondered who's property would sell first?

He wanted to bet on it. I had to laugh, it did look like they where in competition with each other.

I wondered if we were the only ones who thought that? We did stop a few days ago on our way out of town to take pictures of the friendly competition. I like the lot with the view of Mt. Baker....
and NO we did not bet..that wouldn't be nice taking sides like that.