Thursday, July 30, 2009

To hot to blog

Hot. Hot like in I am walking around in my swimsuit doing my mommy duties. Trying to get the kids to bed before mid-night hot. Waking up to 2 kids puking and blood ( bloody nose) all over my pillow hot. Short tempered, no patience, send your kids to the neighbor's and Grammy's Hot.

Yes, I love the Sun. Helps with the vitamin D and the winter depression but I have had enough vitamin d and now I am firm believer in Summer depression. Crazy Hotness.

So, with all that said I think I will leave my van running in the driveway with the kids sleeping in car seats and carry out the twin mattress for me and Matthew to sleep in.

my ideas are getting crazier....

hope to blog soon until then you will find me trying to cram myself in the fridge or ask the local convenience store if my kids and me can sit in the cooler and take a nap.

2 ...Stalker Comments:

The Mama - aka Heather

Go to Costco and hang out in the walk in fridge...that's what we did.


is it almost worth looking into installing a/c? Especailly if you plan on living there for alot longer?