Thursday, July 16, 2009

He did it. Yep, he beat me. Truthfully, it ticks me off. I hate it. .5 a half of a stinking pound that was 3 days a go. Now 4 pounds separates us. I could hurt him. I am thinking of the all the things I could add to his food to make him gain a few more pounds. When he left for Israel that's when I was scared he would really beat me. I lost 12 pounds when he was gone and thinking oh yeah he can never catch me. WRONG!
I am to proud of him. Down 130 Pounds and he LOOKS HOT. He is so handsome. But, he still beat me. I have one week to pass him. After that I will declare him the WINNER !!! I do have to say dropping 10 pants sizes...he is a winner. LOVE YOU FOREVER ( even if you kicked my A**)
* for those you who didn't read the post about my issues with me weighing more then my husband I am sure you can tell by this post I have issues with it. I couldn't find the original post. Does that surprise you??