Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Miss America

Dear Miss America,

I as your mom truly enjoy your singing. I enjoy your laughter and I enjoy you. You are an amazing 3 year old with a spunky personality and a have true princess in you.

Going to the grocery store today I don't think the other customers, stockers, clerks, meat cutters and deli clerks enjoyed your "princess behavior". Your singing that turned into screaming just about shattered the glass. Your incessant whining made other customer forget what the heck they came to the darn grocery store for. Your pounding on the glass for a "different" kind of ice-cream was just about making the little old lady have a heart attack. Pushing your brother out of the car cart, him hitting his head just about had me call CPS and have myself turned in.

Telling me you want a balloon during checkout because you had been good just about had me laughing but I didn't laugh because at the same time, you picked up the Tuna can and threw it making all the magazines fall down. So with tears in my eyes and your loud screaming I finally made it to the car. This is where your whining the WHOLE time about going to McDonald's. This is where I could have lost it but I didn't. I told you NO McDonald's just once for the fear of really losing my mind. You then proceeded to WHINE the entire drive home about how you weren't whining and deserved to go to McDonald's for your good "grocery store behavior" This is why you are in your room and have been for 45 minutes.

I am sorry if I ruined your world by not purchasing the Balloon, McDonald's, Oreo cookie ice-cream or the Mementos. You can send me the therapy bill.

Have a wonderful sleep.

Love, mom

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I know it's not funny. But you write it so entertainingly. (is that a word?) At least it wasn't 95 degrees out when you were doing that. Joe is on nights now for 2 months, so I take several outings with my screamers in the 95 degree weather.


Tiffiny, That is the best post! I smiled, gasped, cried and busted out laughing... I could totally picture your whole shopping trip. Trips to the store with the kids are exhausting, and when you wrote that you had tears in your eyes, I teared up for you! You made it through and you were much that I just might print this up and read it each time I go to the store with the kids.

Sara Joy

Oh my gosh, I was laughing out loud so hard reading that!!! I think this is my favortie post so far. ha ha ha I actually felt your pain & Im sorry for laughing... I just couldnt help myself :}

I wonder how fine the line is between princess & Diva? (LOL) LOVE IT!