Wednesday, July 8, 2009

bloggy vacation

I am back from a mini vacation. I would share the pictures with you but I have been working on 4 posts with no pictures. I have no idea why it is acting like a pain in my &#! I keep trying...uploaded it different times. Anyways, Had a great boring weekend. Matthew went off to camp for a week. Do you ever stop worrying about your children?? I mean he is only 12 so I should worry but I think in my mind he is still a baby...oh, I wonder when he is 30 if I will think the same thing....He is growing up, and I would NEVER let him drive my van in on a private road. Nope, NOT me. I would NEVER let him convince me that he would do good. Okay, I did and yes he did wonderfully. It surprised me.

Phil Harris from the Deadliest catch lives by us ( our property down south) and Matthew went to him for his autograph. We chicken out but not Matthew..walks right up and then Phil asked if he was with the paparazzi and Matthew said no but wishes he did have a camera because pictures are worth 150-200 dollars each..ummm maybe a good way to pay for college???

Miss America received glorifying reviews from her Aunt Brandy and Uncle Joel on her behavior at their house for 3 days. That makes me feel better...but we all know children are naughtier for their parents.

Carter is back on solids and has had only one vomiting episode. I hate giving him solids for the fear of another mess to clean up....i know I am a bit selfish but I am doing it just so we can figure out the problem.

Mikey is starting work this week and has been very busy with his "other" family camping in Eastern Washington. House is quiet for the week and no I am not complaining.

As soon as I can get pictures to load I will be sharing more of the story of our life..Happy Hump day!