Monday, January 10, 2011


Here it is Monday morning. I hate Monday's. Okay I hate most days of the week. All the days of the week always involve demanding children, bills, cleaning and relationships..days running into days. No set schedule. No pressing meetings that make me feel like I have any sort of life outside of this job ( Please don't get me wrong, I am BLESSED to stay home with them)

I have wrapping paper shoved into couch cushions, you would think because they are hidden I would forget about them. No such luck I know them little pieces are stuffed in there along with candy wrappers from Halloween, popcorn, pens, pencils but I know there is no money in there if there was I would be at the Casino

At least my tree is down. The holiday closet is back to normal ( all shoved in there) so I don't dare open the door for the fear of an Easter basket of valentines decoration hitting my head knocking me out ( not a bad thing) and then making me get really uptight at the lack of organization my husband possesses.

My almost 3 year old still eats baby cereal everyday. I have tried oatmeal, cream of wheat but no he insists I buy the 3.50 box of Gerber baby cereal. Can't you just eat crappy sugar filled Fruity Pebbles like your mom? I am willing to share.

My lights are still up around the house. Yes, go ahead drive by and laugh. The more you laugh the longer I will keep up my inflatables. I lost 3 inflatables this year. ( poor Santa ripped his pants) So I am stuck with the Chubby snowman ( that we bought when we where fat people so it was kinda funny) and a polar bear. I am thinking since my lights are red & white they will look very festive as Valentines day rolls around. Just remember that when you drive by.

Hoping the sun does not shine today. If it does then I will be able to see the art work my child has drawn in the dust on my black shelving. I hate black furniture. Dusting every other month day just doesn't cut it.

I am really hoping they have all day kindergarten next year. I really need my 5 year old gone all day it would really help her in her academic future.

It maybe snowing outside and colder then my freezer but I had to crack teenagers window today. I just about threw up in my mouth when I went to put his clothes away. Boys stink. Until you have a puberty stricken , sweat coming from every pore you will never understand the stench a boy can have.

I could give you a more inspiring post or something up lifting but this is my life. This is my therapy. Judge all you want. I really don't care. This is my 2011 resolution. If you want to visit me that is great. I am not going to worry if there is a million slimy soap filled hand prints on my bathroom mirror, toothpaste spit out all over the place ( I will make sure my toilet seat is free from urine) If my garbage stinks don't worry I will spray some really strong room spray so you gag when you walk in. Shortening your visit.

I have 37 clocks all over the house all in testing mode. Good thing I have 3 mantels through out the house. You can know what time it is everywhere you go or you can watch the clock and lie to me that it is time to go because my kids are screamers and fight over the stupidest stuff.

They are quiet now but that can change in about .1 seconds.

I am in my pajamas really contemplating dropping my child off looking like I just crawled out of bed but since I have to look like I have it all together and I stink I will shower and look some what normal when I drop her off. I wish we had drive Thru drop off. Now that is a concept.

Welcome to my blog. Welcome to my therapy.

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Brandon and Kari + 1

I love how you are brutally honest...I don't like Monday or Tuesday either those are the days I work...I wish I could be a stay at home mom but not right now :) Enjoy it!!

Mama D.'s Dozen

I'm in need of some laughter... I think I'll drive by and look at your Valentines Lights.

Teen boys ... yes, they STINK.

Therapy ...yes, blogging is much cheaper than a therapist. If I didn't have my blog, I'd probably have to go to my therapist daily, instead of weekly. Blogging is definitely better on the budget.