Saturday, January 15, 2011

Last to bed...

First one to wake up. How does that work when your the mom?

I seem to stumble to bed exhausted and stumble out of bed exhausted.

I woke up this morning to bring my beloved first born to a school function so he could give the teachers and the fellow students his eye rolls

But first I trip over one huge big fat stupid yellow Tonka Truck. Yep, that will leave a mark.

It is quiet here right now. I savor the moments. It won't be to much longer until my children decide it is time to face the world with their I woke up the wrong side of the bed gleaming smiles and want to snuggle.

I can hear the hum of the dishwasher..what a great moment. I love the fact I have a dishwasher. for many year I didn't. I had a place for one. Bought it new. It was just hooked up wrong. So for 6 years I just looked at it. In retrospect...who in the heck does that???

Miss America just woke does she know I am awake? She went to bed at 11pm, very very late for her. Now she will be crabby pants all day. No nap or I will be forced to stay up with her till 12am. Making me Miss crabby pants tomorrow.

I think it is funny that people read my blog but don't say anything, don't comment once just to let me know that they are stalking me. It would help a great deal when I run into you in this very small town and you ask me something, I stare at you like your an idiot then I feel like an Idiot because later I realize I was the one who put it out there for the whole world to see.

Until tomorrow....

The Joy of the Lord is my strength

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I'm still stalking you... ;)


I'm right there with you on people not leaving comments. I try to leave one often, just to let people know I read their blog, and I am thinking about them. Have a better day Tiff!


I'm reading. Love it that you are back. O really should meet my Karlee.

Mama D's Dozen

Hi Friend ...

... just want you to know that I read your blog more often than I comment.

... love the dishwasher story. That could TOTALLY happen at our house. When we put our house on the market last year, we had to "fix" everything that mama had been begging to get fixed for anywhere from 1-8 years. Yep. Sure did. It was so sad to finally get things done that I had wanted for so very long. Now ... I'm glad the house never sold and I get to live with the stuff that got DONE. :) I take that back ... I think we still have a sink that hasn't worked for 6-8 years.

... tonka truck ... oh yea ... what I hate are the little legos that have sharp little points that can really hurt the bottom of my feet when I step on them in the dark.

Sorry things have been tough. Let's plan a coffee date.



I totally stalk you, but you already know that!
Cousin Kristin

our sweet life

oh, yes, new jersey's still stalking you ;)

and i'm actually thinking about trying the get-up-before-the-kids thing...nah!