Sunday, January 23, 2011

Princess Hair

For 2 months she has be begging to get her haircut. She no longer wants her "princess hair"

Princess hair is a what her dad has been calling her hair since she was little. She would spray half the bottle of detangler on her hair and all over herself , bathroom mirror, and her brother Her dad was no fond of the idea of cutting her hair but she convinced him that she would be donating it to Cancer patients that really needed hair and they don't want to spend their life bald. Of course he said yes but not without HUGE reservations.

She has never been to a salon , so it was all new to her. She sat quietly and then admired herself when it was all done. Came home and had her hair in pony tails and clips. admiring her Princess self. She loved it.

Until this morning....she wants her back.

really really really wants her hair back....

I feel sorry for her husband...she has that" just go for it attitude "( like her mom) then will regret it in the morning.

I love her..
Sorry about the least you got some ;)

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The Kingsborough Queen

olivia, you still look like a super cute! and, you did such a kind thing.