Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nothing Is More Important

One thing I am learning is family loves you no matter what.

No matter where you have been , no matter what you have done they will accept you , love you and never judge you.

A few weeks before the holidays we got news that Grandpa would not be with us much longer here on earth.
He needs 24 hour care and Jeremy and Matthew have both spent nights over there taking the night shift. Grandpa still can remember everyone and besides being tired and weak he still has encouraging words and prayers for everyone. He knows he is going to be with Jesus soon and reminds us every time how important it is to have a relationship with Jesus.
Watching him say goodbye to us every time we leave there always makes me cry. watching him with my kids, my husband, his kids, and his wife warms my heart every visit.
They will be married 71 years tomorrow. My heart is full of admiration for them and for the entire family.
We adore them.
What a blessing.
Every visit is never taken for granted.
Nothing, Nothing is more important then your relationship with family.

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The Kingsborough Queen

AMEN!!! family...that's where it's at. it's so good that you have made so much time for jeremy's grandparents. 71 years married??? wow! what a legacy.


I am crying... a beautiful post and beautiful pictures. God bless all of you.