Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Truck+Ball+Bubbles+Tears = completed test

Yesterday was a long day.

Not only for me but Carter and Grammy ( who Carter has re-named Nanny) who drove us to Seattle Children's Hospital.

Traveling at 6am with a 21 month old who can't eat had to be as exciting as getting a bikini wax. Seriously.

When we arrived to the room he took one look at the radiology machine and cried. We hadn't started anything.

We got started and had him drink a special mix for the swallow study and he was not going for it , he started screaming...They tried it in a bottle and in a syringe....Not working.

The doctors then proceeded to tell me I should leave and follow up with my Pediatrician and see if this is a test he really wants. I couldn't think. I could not articulate the words.

Are you freaking kidding me? Are you serious? he has ordered this same test TWO times. I am going to hurt you. I am going to have a breakdown right here and right now. Don't you get it? Don't you understand that I clean up vomit 20 times a month and in the middle of the night!? Don't you know my child has LOST weight? I am not leaving. I am sitting here. I am camping here.
I want my husband ( who is on a week long business trip) to tell you that we are doing this test

and mother in law looked at them and told them in that matter-of-fact tone to do what you need to do but we drove 2 hours and we are not leaving.


Next thing I know I am swaddling my Allstar in a blanket , holding him down with his Grammy while they put a tube down his nose to his tummy. I could not look. I could hear him gagging. My heart was breaking and yet I knew we had to do what it took.

We are trying so hard to hold him down. We are not wanting to bruise him but he was fighting us with everything he had. His hair was drenched with sweat and tears.

All done...a truck, ball and bubbles later. Kids amaze me. they are so resilient, bouncing back like nothing happened. Although I know he will remember if we have to do this test again.

The test was complete and according to the doctor there, his anatomy looks great, that meaning not blockage or twisted intestines. He did show bad reflux doing this test.

We follow up on Thursday with Dr. Burpee , Yes, that's his name....How cool is that?

Thanks for you prayers and words of encouragement.

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I remember when Jen was about 18 months old she got dehydrated and had to be in the hospital it took three of us to hold her down while they put the iv in and Judy cried.

J5 Farms

I'm so glad you got the test done. I'm praying for Carter's healing.


Thank goodness for moms! How wonderful that she was able to be your voice in that moment of despair! Hopefully these results will provide the information needed to give you some relief and direction!

SLO Day Design

You did it!! Good job! You're a wonderful mom Tiff...and what an amazing mother-in-law you are truely blessed! Great job Karen! We will keep you in our prayers as you await the results. We hope they find the cause soon! Love ya!


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