Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How is it November??

November you are here.

December you are approaching.


Black Friday ads are coming up. I am in search of a new TV , camcorder , surround sound and a camera ( yes, we actually need all of them) this year. We have been holding off so we can be one of the crazies standing in line to save a few hundred bucks.

I am hosting Thanksgiving here this year. Neat ( she said sarcastically) I love my family and I love eating but hosting is so much pressure ( your in charge of the lasting life time memories) and the pressure make me Crazy!! I am going to do it and I am going to like it.

So I go this nifty coupon holder from my Friend Jenn. It rocks!! I am a coupon junkie. I still have not got the 50.00 off of 100.00 yet from Old navy but I will be trying again this Thursday. Thinking of staying awake till 12am.

I had a great Birthday. Best I have had since becoming Jeremy's wife. Yes, He rocked the birthday this year!! Flowers, cards, perfume, pajama's and he watched the kids while I went out with my friends.

Back in May went I went the ER and the bill was 4200.00 and just found out today my insurance does not cover it. Double NICE. Merry Christmas to me.

So what else can I fill you in on?

Carter put raisins up his nose this morning. I freaked out. Really I did. I got them out but now I am curious if he has one stuck in there.

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