Friday, November 6, 2009

let play catch

Typical day here at the nuthouse.

You know we lock our kids in their room for most of the day, letting them out for a few hours here and there. Today during the windstorm I sent them outside to play. Not really, AllStar had escaped with no pants or shoes on, Miss America escaped with a scarf and tap shoes ( clothes) and Teenager was fully dressed.

I had groceries to put away ( as I type this they are still not put away) and slacks to wash, dinner to make so I Yelled told them to come in and get dressed. Miss America came running to me and got dressed right away.

AllStar not so much.

So as I am trying to get my Old Navy weekly site to upload so I can score the 65.00 off of 100.00 coupon ( just so you know here my priorities are) I hear a scream and then a cry. the kinda cry where you can't catch your breath.
I look out side to see Teenager holding Miss America. I run out there knowing something is really wrong. I see blood. Blood everywhere.

What the hell heck did you do? Knowing full well My dear son had something to do with this. Just cuz I know this stuff about my kids. I see his eyes. He is scared. He is scared of what he just did and what I am about to do to him.

Well, whadcha do!!?

We where playing catch.

Really you threw a football at her face from 2 feet away?

I needed her to catch it.

I lost my cool. I sent him to his room till his band concert. I said the dreaded words " Wait till your father gets home!"

Poor Jeremy

I forgot to say that he left Carter in his swing screaming ( after he pushed him so high) he picked up a stick and swung it hitting his sister in the arm ( not sure if meant to ) all before deciding to play catch with a football and a 4 year old.

I am not lying people..this is the story of my life...

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ok Tiffiny you have to tell me how you get $65 off $100 from Old Navy!