Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am not complaining..

I find it interesting how men only hear what they want. Like when I asked my DH to help clean the Crap craft room downstairs and received no answer. What about when in passing I grumbled a bit about not being able to put up the tree, due the fact it was to early. Still no answer. I wondered if he heard me??

Oh, he did. He heard.....Honey, IF you go downstairs don't worry about the crap craft room just bring up the Christmas tree for me.

They where so proud of it. I was in shock! I was coming home and it was my dear mother in law who pointed out the fact my tree was in fact up and shinning brightly for the world to see.
( on a side note: It fit. I now need to find some new ornaments for the tree)

I saw the mailman look at my tree and shake his head yesterday. Housing prices just dropped in the neighbor hood. The family with 3 kids , dog and a million toys just went crazy.

* You so know that if you drove by you would say ' What the heck lady it is only November?"

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We went to a local grocery store last night, Macey's . They already had their Christmas trees up! Jared and Lance were so excited. They had even hung huge stockings from the ceiling. Jared asked where our Christmas tree was and I told him it was under the stairs. He wanted to run right down and put it up. Joe said we had to wait until the day after Thanksgiving. But we are excited for Christmas. I am already done shopping and wrapping.

The Kingsborough Queen

awesome...sweet boys! you are WAY ahead of me. i barely just got the fall decor up and that's my favorite season to decorate for! way to go TEAM VRIELING!!!