Friday, November 20, 2009


Today I just want to stay on my Pajamas all day but I will settle for most of the day. Jeremy has been in Kansas City all week for work. I should have flown out to see him making it a mini vacation but that would require lining up a sitter for 3 kids and money , considering I don't have either I just sat here with envy. Sleeping all night, going to breakfast, lunch and dinner , having someone make your bed and enjoying adult conversation. So jealous! I bet he wasn't jealous of me. I mean who would be? 3 long trips, puking kids, fighting kids, kids who don't listen, a house that has been hit by a tornado doesn't scream " Hey you really want in on the action don't you??"

I didn't go a day with out kisses, hugs and morning loves so I am happy.

Olivia is watching my favorite movie today for the first time Annie!! I Love Annie. I would pretend I was an orphan signing in the window for my parents to come and fine me....I wanted to name my girls Molly and Annie.

Anyways, so far she likes it...She is not fond of Ms. Hannagen, a bit worried and scared of her ( I still am) but she is sitting on my bed waiting for Annie to get a mom & dad. I tried to get Matthew to watch the movie but no such luck. I did have him watch the Parent trap ( old versions of course) and he thought it was a bit girly.

So, I am off to lay in bed with Miss America and see if Annie finally finds a mom & dad.

Whats up with Mr. Bundles & Ms. Hannagen?