Friday, November 13, 2009

Black Friday Crazie...

Yes, I am a Black Friday Crazy!!

I am a go getter...I don't sleep. I also don't spend a ton of money. I go to have fun. Fun means....

* stand in line and watch people fight over who saved who a spot in line and who cut in front of who.

* I have my Best friend load up on hand warmers ( we use them for feet, pockets, Bra's)

* I go with a plan. Only purchasing door busters ( who can pass up a 5.00 toy???)

* I miss Toy's R Us...

* I have only missed 2 years in the past 13 years of Black Friday shopping.

* Laugh at everything because you are delirious

* Drink about 4- 20 ounce mocha's

Here are a few sights to help you!!

Coupons and Black Friday Ad's

Maybe I will see you?

3 ...Stalker Comments:


I will be there! I missed one year when I was in the hospital with pre-term labor when I was pregnant with the twins. I watched the news about the mayhem and cried. I love Black Friday!


I have never shopped on Black Friday. Didn't even know what it was called until a couple of years ago.
We have spent every Thanksgiving for the past 20 years, at a Christian Family Camp in Oregon. So, we are up in the woods, with no cell phones, no newspapers, no internet. We have no idea what goes on down in the cities on those days.

Enjoy your time. I'll be relaxing in the woods.


Heather D

Have so much fun! I'll be on the beach for Black Friday. ;)