Friday, November 6, 2009

Surpise Fall Giveaway!!

I love to decorate for Fall!! The only time of year that I think my house actually looks cute! I love Fall for the birthday's and how God's amazing work shines through the leaves changing, the flowers dying only to come back in spring, the squirrels in my backyard busy gathering food for Winter. I love cozy sweaters , just because tank tops are not flattering on me.

So, I couldn't take a pictures of the giveaway So I am calling it a Fall Surprise giveaway!! You WILL Love it!!

How to enter.....

Leave a comment on why you love Fall!! or why you don't.

2 entries if you post the giveaway link on your blog!! Just tell me in your comment.

Can't wait to read about your Fall Favorites!!

5 ...Stalker Comments:

Life in a nutshell

Here in the NW, I love watching the oak trees turn colors, they are so vibrant! I love snuggling up with a good book, my favorite candles and just enjoying being cozy. I love to snuggle up with my kiddos under a nice fleece blanket to watch our favorite holiday movies. What could be better?


I LOVE the colors! God's an amazing artist! I love the that the kids go back to school, ha! snuggling up by the fire isn't too bad either!
Brenda C.

Heather D

My favorite thing about fall? Pumpkin pie scented candles and blustery days!
I already link to you!

The Kingsborough Queen

what's not to love??? i love the colors, the cozyiness, the fireplace, the candles, the leaves the baking...especially "candy bread". i love the sense of peace that overcomes me. yay, fall!


I love feeding the leaves that fall on the ground to our goats :)