Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Facts

Nothing to really blog about? Thinking you need a super cool post in order to post?? You don't. Just copy this and tell us what your life brings! Here are a few Bloggy friends to check out.

Tiffani & Allison

Thankful For:

As I type this I am grinning ear to ear. I have NEW carpet! What a joyous occasion. It the last 13 years of owning a home this has been our first big project. I was thankful that Jeremy is such a hard worker. There are many big ticket items we need to purchase this year. Having a job is important. What is more important? Appreciating the hard working man behind the purchase. Thanks Jeremy . YOU ROCK!

Jeremy's Cousin is omproving. She is not out of the clear but everyday gets better. Her husband is with her. I am so Thankful she taught her son to call 911. can you imagine what that might be like for a 5 year old?? For updates Check out her Sister's blog j5 farms

Listening To:

Franklin on TV. Miss America is washing her feet in the bathroom sink. She decided that blue ink was the perfect color for her toe nails and knees.

Looking Forward To:

Wrapping up the great room swap. Miss America's room is painted. I tried to paint it myself. Not such a good idea when your pending a 4th back surgery...I realized half way through it that I should call Julie. She was here in an hour and helped me . Okay, she finished it. You Rock Julie!!

Allstar finally moving into his own room. This means we can have another baby I can read in bed and watch movies in my own room and reclaim my personal space.

I am needing or wanting:

Devotional time. I am hoping that by having my personal space back I can spend more time reading.


I am NO longer missing shoes. I found them in the shoe organizer. Geesh. You would think I would have check there first. I mean really? Who puts things back where they belong?

Quote of The Day:

"HUH?".......Allstars new saying on EVERYTHING sometimes it is so hard not to laugh. if he doesn't understand or didn't hear you his response is "HUH?" Sometimes over and over again.

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