Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flower beds and tickets??

this weather is screaming for me to spring clean however I am not really wanting to. If i clean the flower beds now then guess what?? I have all the way till October/November to keep doing it. So why rush it? I mean living on a corner lot sucks. You have like 2 front yards and living here in Lynden where as rumor has it you can get a ticket for not having a perfect lawn. I mean according to the far away people in Bellingham, Lynden is an extremely wired freakish town that has way to much time for yard work. So I am not wanting to lump myself into that kinda stereotype.

Seriously, I love the misconception of our town.

Today I have wrote out my to do list and maybe next month I will tackle it. Joking..I am starting today.

But I draw the line at the flower bed thing..I have been enjoying the break from yard work.

I am wiping down the cupboards today..grimy fingerprints are coming off..until after lunch at least!

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