Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Facts

Thankful For:

The sun shining today...and the good ol' la nina or el nino or Nemo..whatever..I am just happy that we are getting some serious good weather!! I don't care if Mr. Groundhog said there was 6 weeks more of Winter...I am enjoying each day I can send the kids outside to play and beat each other up over one of the 7 kids cars/bikes we have out there.

Listening To:

Mickey Mouse Club house..come inside its fun inside!!

What's For Dinner:

BBQ pork sandwiches and cake & Ice-cream..Birthday celebration going on around here tonight!

Looking Forward To:

Okay, so I know I have been saying this FOREVER...but I am working on finishing Liv room and Carter got some pretty cool cube shelves for his birthday ( oh, yes I am very practical!!) carter also got the anywhere chair with his name on it so now they can quit fighting with each other over Olivia's.

I found this perfect bedding/room set at Target...oh, how I wish I had money to burn....

I am needing or wanting: forgiveness needing it for myself and wanting to give it to others.


My debit card. really..where did it go?? I am going to have to cancel and order a new one.

Quote of The Week:

Happy Birthday to BABY Carter John...

Friday Facts...what are your facts??

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I've never really understood the groundhog thing. 6 more weeks of winter just seems normal right? I mean if he came out and was like, SUMMER TOMORROW! Nobody would believe that nonsense. Screw off groundhog nobody likes you anyway.