Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Headaches & Heartache..

Major Major Migraine going on today. I have not showered and want to lay in a dark room. However we all know I have kids and having kids means you, as the mom and main person in charge must be on top of the game at all times.

My head is killing me and today was my only day to get this house clean for the big Friday night event..my baby is turning 2! I managed to make my bed today thinking that was pointless..I have laid down about every 10 minutes and that has created bigger messes.

My heart is sad today and not because I have a migraine but because I feel all this sadness around me. Many families are dealing with major illness and even death. Here is an email from a high school friends mom...

" This is a hard one...Our daughter Tausha was rushed to emergency tonight.Her head pain became more frequent and more intense. MRI, Cat Scan shown a fairly large size mass in her right frontal lobe above her right ear. The mass is bleeding into her brain. She will need surgery.Not sure i...f malignant.... Please pray for Tausha, Franco and the lil boys. They need their mommy."

Tausha has 2 boys...one who just turned 2 on Friday and a 2 week old. Please lift them up in your prayers.

Please lift up Baby Case's Family in prayer as they are trying to find a new "normal"

Sometimes a headache doesn't seem so bad...

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J5 Farms

Oh wow Tiffiny. That sounds almost exactly like what Holly has. Those kids do need their mommy and I will pray for them.