Monday, February 15, 2010

2nd Birthday

Carter turned 2 this month..Oh, how he keeps me on my toes...
Loves Trains!

My Nephew Landon

My brother & Sister

Loves the Uncle Mikey
My first Niece...I love you Tanna
Trucks have to be his second Love

He received his own chair from Grammy & Papa...this is such a blessing for me more then anything. No more trying to drag each other out of Olivia's chair by pulling hair...fighting over one chair for the last year is no longer "normal" they fight over Liv's Leapster. I can see why my mom bought 3 of everything. It was for her sanity.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARTER! What a fun looking party! Lance loves trains too.

The Kingsborough Queen

he is such a gorgeous boy, tiff. seriously he is beautiful. can't believe he is already two! looks like he had a lot of fun. happy birthday, carter!