Saturday, February 20, 2010

I swear you have your own bed.

Kids in my bed. Funny in parenting "things just happen" and yet you know you really should not get in the habit of things that will ultimately interfere with your life. Like kids sleeping in your bed.

Jeremy took a trip last week to California. Miss America was devastated that he was leaving. She has this stuffed camel , that Jeremy purchased her in Jordan last May. This camel has been on 3 trips with Jeremy. He is so good at taking pictures of Mr. camel and sending them to her. This last trip we kinda forgot to mention anything until the day we had to pack him up. She was sobbing. Throwing herself into our bed begging him to never forget her. She runs downstairs , finds Mr. camel and brings him to Jeremy so he could pack him. i seriously forgot about the camel , however she didn't.

He is trying to console her. He then mentions how she can sleep in our bed while he is away.

Dad's spot. Oh, how they love Dad's spot. It is a game they play everyday he comes home. The little ones run into our bed, get in his spot and yell for him to come in and get them. He always does.

Then Matthew being gone for a week led Miss America to our room. We made a spot for her on the floor. Matthew came home, she finally slept in her own bed. Then last night back in our bed. So ONE night in 2 weeks she slept in her own room.

I can't bring myself to tell her no. So last night I told her that this is the last night she can do this....

Jeremy pretty much called me out...

" Honey, your lying"

He was right.

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Our 8 year old still LOVES Papa and Mama's bed more than his own. Whenever either of us is gone ... Little E gets to take our place. And ... if our Big Kids come home to visit, they get to sleep in E's bed so that he can sleep on Papa and Mama's floor.

When he recently turned 8 I said, "You know you're a big boy now and you really need to sleep in your own bed." Yea right!!!

mama of 13


Too cute! Have you ever read the Felix books? About a bunny that travels all over the world. Very fun reading, my kids loved them!
There will come a day when they no longer come to your bed...sometimes they don't even say good night!! And usually, I'm in bed before they are!