Monday, February 15, 2010

So Sick...

It started last week. Matthew & Miss America got sick in the middle of the night..then the next day they seemed fine..then it hit Miss America again...then Carter and now me.

Thinking Liv had the chicken pox ( again) I called the doctor and went over the symptoms....she had a viral rash..when certain children get sick their body can break out in a rash/bumps looking just like chicken pox...not common but it can happen..and it may continue the rest of her life.

So here I am waiting for nap time..... My fever has been 103 for 2 days and I will spare you the rest of the symptoms.

My computer is not letting me load pictures so I had to wait for Jeremy to come home from California to load them...

Enjoy the posts that will soon follow..I have nothing better to be doing till naptime rolls around..

A HUGE THANK YOU to my sister...who came over first thing and took Miss America for the day...amazing how one kid is SOOO easy..and when I had just was so hard..funny how that happens.

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