Monday, March 15, 2010

Still lying in bed doing nothing...

Not that I Can really do anything. I mean I am very limited. Typing sucks. The letters are so close, or I am pushing the happy pill way to many times.

I was to leave Saturday....Tomorrow will be Wednesday. So Not quite sure when I will be leaving. I am going to bed..Hoping to have a clear mind tomorrow so I Can spend the day blogging instead of feeling sorry for myself...

Ask all the questions you want....I shall answer and you shall help me pass the time!

2 ...Stalker Comments:


so where are you? How about you just give me all the details!!!


Praying for you Tiff! You will be missed tomorrow at MOPS. Maybe in all your spare time you can do some research to find out who the first person was to squeeze those "pink dangly things" and drink the stuff that came out. Just a thought. Hope you have a good day and can come home soon.