Thursday, March 25, 2010

The real deal..

The TV is blaring. I hate that blasted loud obnoxious thing.

I would rather have another kid then some loud yelling stranger sitting in my living room.

Carter is in his diaper throwing goldfish crackers at the dog on the deck and it is raining. Matthew is teaching Olivia how to operate the DVD machine. Great...she'll break it and we will need another one.

Jeremy is walking around like a Zombie...not sure what he is feeling but I am sure it involves feeling sorry for himself. He can. He is on overload. He is different then me. He shuts down when on overload. I go into overhaul mode..making to-list, planning for tomorrow, redecorating in my head, planning meals for next week...and then I never act on is just a process..I have list every where...

Carter is now out of his diaper..needing another haircut..I need my hair done. My eyebrows are growing together...really they are. Next time you come over...I will let you take a picture of the unabrow...

Miss America is learning to read. Sight words..It has been kinda fun teaching her...I learned a ton of neat ways to teach Matthew his sight words and passing it on to Liv has been so rewarding.

I love my family. We are loud. We are fun. We are in our pajamas...debating if we should make another snack, talk nice to our sister, feed the dog, take away the sharp knife from Carter, or put a bag in the garbage can.

We are the real deal.

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