Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Facts...

I am siting here in my pajamas..No coffee for me...I am off to have my 4th back surgery. Yes, my 4th. You would think I am a pro at doing this whole procedure the house, packing my bags, writing to-list and worrying about my kids.

Thankful For:

Family & friends. Everyone who helps my family and takes care of my little kids though out each journey of this well traveled road.

Listening To:

The news..Jeremy in the shower and my mom getting her cup of coffee..she will need a whole pot...taking care of 2 little kids can do that to you..

What's For Dinner:
Dear friends bringing over dinner for my family, I will be staying in the hospital.

Looking Forward To:
Days of pain free living..This could be the Surgery that will make this dream come true..


Quote of The Week:

DO NOT PEE ON THE FLOOR! ( Carter trying to Potty train)

Sorry for the short post..I am in my pajamas..I need to leave in 10 minutes.. Thank you for lifting me and my family up in prayer...Now off to get the best 4 hour nap of my life!

Friday Facts...What are yours?

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