Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Facts..

It is Friday!

NO rain and the sun is shining..lifting my spirits...God is SOOO good..I needed a "sunny day"...I mean when your Best Friend comes over with a 3.oo skirt for your child and you burst into tears because you are just a nut job looking for some normalcy to your week
You know you need something...sun , coffee, chocolate, wine, on-line shopping...something..

Thankful For:

Showering all by myself under 45 minutes..being able to walk a few feet without a walker..propping up my pillows in bed without feeling like I need pharmacy. I am thankful for my caretakers...Is it hard having people arrive at 7:30 am to help you do normal stuff...Like coffee and showering...But really without them..I would be in a rest home..So I am forever grateful.

Listening To:

Olivia ask me to an Arts & Crafts..AGAIN...Carter trying to help my mom do laundry...Olivia trying to convince me she needs a new outfit for Easter..I mean never mind she has 3 new dresses hanging in her closet for the big special Easter Day..

What's For Dinner:

Our family & friends have been so gracious....We are SOO grateful for the time and attention people have put into our family...I know how much I enjoy bringing people meals when they "need it" but I when I get better..I am going to bring random meals to people who are just having an "off " week..and even if it is not just an off could just mean a break for that busy family....

Looking Forward To:

Finding out WHY I am in such pain....Why? Why? Why?


Nothing really....Just everyday duties that I can do..but I am sure give me a few weeks and I will be missing "simple" days ...:)

Quote of the week:

God is Good..he is faithful. He gives us what we need...he knows what we need and will never forsake us...EVER!

2 ...Stalker Comments:

Mama D.'s Dozen

Hey sweet friend ...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

I've been away from internet for a week, so just got caught up on your life. Ouch! So sorry that this surgery doesn't seem to have worked. Thankful that you have friends and family around to take care of you and the kids.

Mama D.'s Dozen

Oops ... just sent that comment away and I wasn't finished ...

I was the recipient of one of your spur of the moment "let's bring dinner to someone having a hard week", and our family was BLESSED by it. You HAVE ministered to others; and now you must let others minister to you. Your day will come again, when it will be your chance to get out of bed and help those around you. For now, allow the Lord to bring others to you.

Well ... house hasn't sold ... so it looks like Mama and the 4 younger ones will be moving back to town in a couple of weeks. If you see the Big Red Van in the driveway ... just stop on by to say "hi".

Big Hugs!

Laurel :)