Monday, March 1, 2010

Bad Blogger...

Pictures have NOTHING to do with the blog title...

Here is Ms. Macy Jean...Cousin Kristin's newest family member....Aren't these just the cutest pictures??? Brooke at ROXSEY is just so darn talented! I love the hat! I just had to order this for her from Sarah at SLO DAY DESIGNS....awww... I have SOOO many talented friends!!

Yes, I have been unfaithful in blogging lately.


I have a few minutes before I must pick up Miss America from School. I think I have a few minutes, that is if Mr. Carter doesn't take off his Crappy diaper and bring it to me.

So What is going on besides forgetting to bring Cousin Kristin Dinner??
Alot. I have had 3 appointments so far just for the upcoming surgery and 3 more pre-op scheduled for next week. Doctors never seem to run on time so I make them for early morning however even doing that still makes for a long day.

Matthew had the stomach flu. It came on fast just like everyone else in the House. I was delivering dinner to another family and he looked at me and said "mom I don't feel good. " I told him to at least let me back out of the their driveway....I made it barely. Poor kid felt so bad. He still is not having an appetite. But that's what happens with that virus. No fun.

Olivia still has a the rash. I was referred to a dermatologist. So hoping it is nothing to serious.

I will be taking Carter back to Children's sometime after my surgery for a follow up . He still throws up but not near as much. He has gained 2 pounds in 4 months.

Jeremy's will be celebrating his 36th birthday this week...I keep teasing him that he is really close to 40 and if I see a Corvette parked in the driveway I will understand his mid-life crisis.

My heart is heavy today. Jeremy lost his Aunt after a ten year battle with Cancer. She was only 58 years old. So heartbreaking. I could not imagine losing my mom or my mother in law at this time in our life or anytime. I think at this time in our life we still need them just about everyday. We need them to always be a phone call prayers have been spoken for the entire family.
I have a very busy 2 weeks before surgery so I am sorry to all you faithful readers if I am still unfaithful in blogging...I will try to get "back at it " when I start feeling better...or when I hire a planner for my planner...
Happy Monday!!

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