Friday, September 19, 2008

When is sharing to much?

Normally I post on my family and different outings we may take...but I lay in bed at night thinking of all the things I could share with you...Funny things, sad things, scary things, emotional things. I sometimes wonder if sharing to much is not okay and other times I think it is perfectly okay because we are normal( yeah, right) we have the same struggles as many of you and we have parenting issues like many of you. So when is sharing to much? When does it cross the line when you have so many readers out there?

For the most part I am not a secert person, I don't pretend to be someone I am not however, I would really like to get the mommy of the year award. I think that would be wonderful but I know I am slacker mom so I just keep running for the title. No seriously, I never feel I have something to hide or be something I am not. It does not take fancy cars, decorated houses, expensive clothes or stainless steel appliances, granite anything...those would all be nice but going into debt for these things is not me. I do however get intimidated by people who have these things. It is not because I want them but a little voice in my head tells me that I am not good enough. Blame in on childhood I don't care but yes, I do feel not good enough but I am content with my beautiful home and my vehicles.

So now maybe I shared to much...I don't know if you even like reading the ones like these ( Sappy personal ones) or if you really don't care. So I ask you readers and fellow blogger when is sharing to much!?

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Sharing becomes to much when your husband says to you..."please don't post that in your blog!" about something the two of you just talked about or a funny incident he doesn't want shared with all your readers :) Personal experience with that!

Barker Musings

I agree with pp. Although I would have to say if people take issue with the depth to which you blog, if it isn't going to hurt anyone I think they should just stop reading if theyd on't like it.


I love it when other bloggers share personal detials about their lives it makes me feel like I know them more intimately. I wish I were as faithful to sharing in my blog as you are with yours!