Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is it Christmas yet?

I am not sure who told Olivia that after her birthday would be Christmas and then she could get more presents. I am sure the person who told her this was doing it because 4 days after her birthday she wanted more barbies and this person was probably in the middle of cooking dinner and had already tried to explain the whole present thing and how Birthdays are so much more then that. I bet the person quit trying to reason with a a three year old and blurted something like this " Seriously Olivia, if you be good for at least 60 more days and quit whining, hitting your brother and give up the Binky then you can get presents under a tree!"

What a concept Olivia thought...from that moment on..every commercial I hear how she needs and wants this and that...Today I found magazine pages on my fridge with what she needs...

I guess I set myself up on this one..being how I am the one who told her the next present date! I am now looking for a great way to share the story of Jesus maybe I can reason with her then..

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