Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I want...

My Morning rant:

I want chips for breakfast. I want Max & Ruby. I want you to drive me 3 block to school. I want an apple. I want an Ipod. I want a bike. I want a barbie. I want a new sweatshirt. I want 20 bucks. I want a birthday party. I want a prize. I want that truck. I want my new tights. As I type this my darling 3 year old is yelling...I want that to the TV!

Well, my precious children....

I want a nap. I want a mocha. I want a new vehicle. I want a new clothes...however I will not get any of these things at this moment...I guess I understand your pain! and my moms...she used to give us the speech before we would even get into the store..." Do not ask for anything!" I SOOOOO get it now!

3 ...Stalker Comments:


I often tell my three "I want a tropical vacation with margaritas and at least two days alone with your dad...but that's not gonna happen anytime soon." HA!


Oh boy, I can't wait!;)


Isn't it crazy how they pick up on that so fast. Gotta love thier persistance...right??!!